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Winery Flourishes with Catering in Portland Oregon

Why a Winery Flourishes with Catering Services

Winery Flourishes with Catering: When it comes to running a winery, offering catering services can be a game-changer. Not only does it enhance the overall experience for visitors, but it also brings numerous benefits to the winery itself. First and foremost, having catering services at a winery creates a complete

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Wine Events by Compass Craft Catering

Good to Know Wine Tasting Terms

Take a deep breath and let it all hang out with your wine tasting technique. Before you take the first sip, imagine that there are three things in front of you: an open bottle (or glass), some food to match what’s on tap for today’s dinner menu at home or

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Compass Craft Catering at flaneur wine event

Flaneur Wines Vineyard

What a pleasure it was working with the great people at Flaneur Wines.. If you have not been there – Visit them SOON! Christian and Janelle From Flaneur; About the Flâneur A flâneur is, quite simply, a leisurely wanderer, a worldly explorer, a connoisseur of life. The word, hailing from

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